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    Hi everyone! I am so excited to get my blog started. You can check in here to find updates, YouTube channel info., swatches for my makeup products, and much more. I work full time and have a busy family, so I'll try my hardest to update as much as I can. Thank you so much for subscribing, rating, & commenting!

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Read All About it!

This page will be for interesting and/or informative articles I come across. As always, I will give my personal opinions and thoughts on the subjects. Please feel free to comment! 


I recently came across an article on the FDA website regarding Kohl/Kajal in cosmetics. It’s main purpose was to warn of lead poisoning. The article says that lead in kohl sometimes accounts for more than half the weight of a sample. (definitely KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!) Now obviously I am fairly new to the makeup world, and more specifically to ingredient information; however, this article definitely caught my attention. I’m not sure it is bad enough to keep me from using my beloved Stila eye kajals though! Just be smart and careful. The link to the entire article is below.

Bree 🙂



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